Sunday, December 16, 2012

You May Call Me Mrs. Mommyfuntime...

Every one likes to relax sometimes. Between my blog, my Brandon, three toddlers, and a full time job- I don't have a lot of time. A lot of people don't believe me but I really do enjoy my crafting. Painting, drawing, crocheting, sewing and all around making stuff for my family is really enjoyable. Any thing that makes my life easier is enjoyable for me. I like couponing, freezer cooking, organizing, and repurposing. I'm a Capricorn, and if you follow any of the zodiac signs you know that means I'm ambitious. However, there are also plenty of times I like to do things that don't really have a purpose. I thought I might make a list here of what I enjoy doing. I enjoy horror more than anything but I'm afraid you'll find that the majority of this list is comprised of humor. So here we go with the stuff I do, the useless stuff that is!

1. Fmylife: I love this website, especially after reading a couple of posts here. I comment occasionally under the name kittenvks. If you're having a bad day this is the website to check out, basically users get on to post something bad that happened to them. The posts always starts with "Today..." and end with "FML". If you bother to read the comments, OP means original poster: referring to the one who wrote the post. FML

2. DocBastard's blog. I love reading this blog. I found the Doc from FML. he is, or was, a regular commenter there. The Doc is a trauma surgeon and his blog is full of funny stories from the trauma bay. The doctor is hilarious, with a dry sense of humor- much like myself- verging on satirical. Don't let that fool you though, the good doctor is also very, very insightful. Doc's Blog

3. Pinterest. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a Pinterest addict. I don't need a 12 step program though- you have to want to quit to make those work. Pinterest

4. Hot baths. Go ahead, laugh. I'm serious though. My chances for a long hot bath are few and far between. I normally take showers, in and out as quickly as possible. The teeth get brushed as does the hair which is always thrown up in a bun- out of my face. When I get the chance to take one of these baths though, I go all out. I get a mud facial mask from Walmart (less than a dollar!), some bath salts, bubble bath (I like Mr. Bubble- I really do), brand new razor blades to shave with and the gold bond ultimate healing lotion (highly recommend). I pour Listerine in my hair (it makes my scalp tingle and my hair looks so clean) and then smear in egg yolk on my locks before getting in to soak. I let the yolk sit for ten minutes before rinsing. After that I just run a new hot bath and soak until it grows cold, reading most of the time. It's really a large affair, much like a spa treatment.

5. Epic Rap Battles of History. Now I like all genres of music but I'm not normally a fan of rap. Epic Rap Battles aren't to be taken seriously however, they're made up battles- flinging insults between two historical figures: past and present. ERB Channel I recommend Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare to start off with, the link will take you to all the videos currently available as it's a link to the channel- not just a vid.

6. Prank vs. Prank. Another YouTube channel, starring Jeanna and Jesse- a couple who live together and are constantly pulling pranks on one another. They're hilarious and amazing on a whole new level and have made me consider, more than once, starting a prank war of my own with my Brandon. Prank vs. Prank. My favorite prank would be when Jeana convinces Jesse she's been cheating using a manequin head he had used to prank her with beforehand. It is absolutely hilarious. The link will take you to all the videos currently available as it's a link to the channel- not just a vid.

7. Ecards. If you have an iPhone (I was lucky enough to get my mother's old one) just Google "funny ecards" and scroll through Google images, they're hilarious. I love funny pictures but I'm rarely fond of the most popular memes- it's just not my type of humor. I enjoy a plethora of funny pictures and find them many ways- through Google images and occasionally the funny Facebook posts. If someone you know posts a funny photo from another page- scroll through that page's photos, most likely there will be more! The quote on the ecard below says "Dear life, When I asked if my day could get worse, it was a rhetorical question not a challenge". Many of the ecards are like this but be aware of foul language!

8. Learning things. I get interested in random things and I like to learn them. Have you ever wondered how something was done? Everyone does, occasionally, wonder something random like that. I am one of the few who actually follows through with that thought, I search and search using the Internet- mainly Google and a few trusted sites and videos, and books. I love to learn how to do any thing- if I find it interesting or think it may be useful somehow. A friend and I once drew a comic book where she and I, and all our friends, were comic book characters. I was random thoughts girl because I'm just full of random info, from learning.

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