Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Eve Party Part 3: the Games!

No party is complete without some fun! There are lots of fun games you could play for New Years Eve, but I usually don't see them circulating around. So I found some ideas after a little research and I'm letting you know about the best of them.


The more people participating in this game the better. Basically everyone at the party takes a strip of paper and writes down the funniest/craziest/strangest New Year resolution they can think of. Fold up the piece of paper and put it in a hat, bowl, or whatever you have laying around. Then you take the hat, mix up all the resolutions, and go around pulling one back out for everyone. Then each player gets to open up the resolution and read it out loud to the group. The player can also try to guess which other player came up with that particular resolution. Some resolution ideas can include:
  • I will think of some better excuses to call into work
  • I will do less laundry and use more deodorant.
  • I will try to conserve more water by taking less baths.
  • I will not tell the same story at every get together.
  • I will stop talking on my cell phone while using the bathroom.
You see how fun this could get, don't you? There could definitely be a lot of laughs with this one. Especially when grandma gets the laundry one and has to read it out loud :)

Charades of the Past:

For this game you will separate your group into smaller groups of twos and threes. People could also play this by themselves, depending on the event. Have a bag/basket/bowl ready with several events from the previous year and have each team/person draw and event. You could have a large paper drawing pad and marker set aside to use as well. Then, it's just like playing charades. Each team/person must convey the event for the previous year without saying a word. Make sure you use events that were big enough everyone or at least the majority would be able to figure it out. You could take it a step further if you wanted and hand out a prize to the team/person who guesses the most events.

True or False:

Write down each persons name at the party and beside each one of their names write down several "facts" try to make all the facts strange but have the strangest fact be the truth and the others all be false. For example, my mother hates cheese. I think this is weird. I have a friend who won't eat anything on his plate if even one thing has touched mustard. I have another friend who no one would ever guess has a tattoo. Have each guest write down a T next to the fact they think is the real one. Then, when everyone has voted sit down and go over the paper letting them know which facts were actually true. This could get really fun as long as you keep all the "facts" nice and don't tell any thing they don't want everyone else knowing.

Ping Pong Shake:

This game is a blast! All you need are some ping pong balls, a Kleenex box (empty) and some rubber bands or string. Poke a hole in roughly the same places on each square end of your Kleenex box and thread through your string or rubber bands and tape it down securely to the inside. Now, put several (3 or 4) ping pong balls in the Kleenex box and tie around a persons waist with the box in the back. The bottom of the Kleenex box should be against their clothing, the opening facing out. The box should rest on their butt. Make sure it's tied securely. Now the person wearing the box must shake their hips and butt and try to get all of the ping pong balls out. Take turns going around each player and time to see who can get all the balls out the fastest. This is guaranteed a laugh!

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