Saturday, December 22, 2012

6 More Pinterest Pins That Don't Work

Hmmm, I hate it when I go to click a Pin to find out it doesn't work or is just spam. Here are some more that I have had problems with.

1. The "lotion" bars from "my yellow umbrella". When I click these Pinterest tells me it's blocking the link due to spam or inappropriate content that could harm my computer. Ugh!

2. The Pet Odor Remover Recipe.The picture is of a spray bottle with green liquid in it. The link does take you to a safe site and the maker of the recipe- you just have to buy the recipe. I'd rather not, I was under the impression it was like many of the other blog type sites that have free recipes.

3. the glue top on an acrylic paint bottle. Theorettically this could work but it's going to be runny and kind of drippy as it will come out thicker than most people would like.

4. The peppermint candy trays. I was over at Pinstrosity reading about this one. It seems that you have to watch the candies very very closely as they soon melt out too far and look terrible after not seeming like they were going to melt at all.

5. Anything that involves hot glue or spray paint on styrofoam is going to mess up. It just doesn't work well at all. By "doesn't work well" I mean that the majority of the time you're going to end up with melted styrofoam.

6. Double sided tape on candles with glitter. Avoid candles and glitter unless you tend to cover your candle. Glitter wants to stick all over the wax and is a real pain to get right.

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