Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Grinch Smile--- FIRST POST!!

Ahhhh Christmas. It's been hectic this year. I've gotten most of my shopping done, no worries. However, the van decided to break down at work, in the middle of the night. I've been unable to fix it myself (myself meaning me and/or {mostly} Brandon). It looks like it's going to have to be towed and looked at by a mechanic and we (Brandon) are predicting it to be an expensive fix. The stratus has also given me some sass, deciding to get a flat the night before last. In the middle of nowhere. With lugnuts too tight for me to change. With no help close by. A 19 year old girl and her friend were able to help me (my new reason to start working out again) and the problem was eventually solved. I've been having to stay at Brandon's house either borrowing the car or getting a ride from him. We're contemplating truly pooling our resources and moving in together which is also stressful, trying to find an in home sitter as no daycares in this area are open the days we work. I don't even have my tree up yet which is insane for me! At 26 I have more Christmas decorations than the average 60 year old. So I'm trying to be jolly and I'm trying to smile though I look less like a happy elf and more like the grinch as he comes up with the idea to steal Christmas.

I haven't gotten to spend much time with the kids (they've been staying at my grandmother's while I try to get the van fixed) but I did get to talk to them tonight. Tobi (October--- YES THAT IS HER REAL NAME), who is currently 4 cried that Bubba (Perry), who is 3 (Irish twins!) had hit her in the head with a rug. A rug. I'm not sure HOW he managed to do this but I don't doubt it as my son is...a real character. She was also very upset that they were out of sweet tea. Bubba spoke with me briefly to let me know that he was very upset that they were out of cookies and bye. Short, sweet and to the point. I'm going to try to go see them tomorrow and continue the search for a sitter so that they can come stay with us. I did not get to speak with Olivia who's roughly 18 months as I'm sure she's asleep by the time I go to lunch and not staying in the same place. Olivia is growing sweeter as she enters her toddler stages but, as with the other two, it's a double sided coin and she's just as mischievious as her brother. It's definitely karma coming to get me, like an assassin from my own mother.

So. This is my first post. Not trying to complain, just giving reason for any lack of posting later. I have three children as stated above. October- 4 Bubba- 3 and Olivia- 18 months. All three are spoiled fat cheeked children who amuse me daily with their antics. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, my Brandon, who is Daddy to all three, father to Olivia. I can honestly say he's raised Tobi and Bubba as his own, convinced that Tobi will never be allowed to date any more than Olivia and that Bubba may bring him a super bowl ring (or Stanley Cup- he's not picky) one day. Basically, we are poor. We both work and do well enough to keep us afloat but we can not afford many luxuries like some other families. I would come close to calling us dirt floor poor as the saying is around here.

We honestly don't seem to be that poor though, as we tend to have nice things. I accomplish this with an extreme amount of creativity, some moderate work and a very handy Brandon. We use thrift stores like Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul, and whatever local shops are available; as well as building and making things. Pinterest, when used instead of dreamed upon is also an excellent resource. None of my furniture that I currently have really matches and is mostly hand me downs. We recently lost all of our things but are slowly building up another stockpile. That's what gave me the idea to start this blog, to show what you can do with a little determination and quite a bit of inspiration. Some of it is hard work, some of it's not. I hope to inspire others like myself into getting things done and being happy with what they can afford. With or without children you have to live inside your means and not spend more than you make. If you don't you only create more problems for yourself. I guess that's it for the first post, I hope to post more soon.

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