Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Post?! Do I Ever Shut Up? Some Would Say No...

This is going to be one of my favorite posts.I'm trying to get some comments here guys, a little interactive blogging if you will. I love Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas. It really is ridiculous how many decorations I have, not just for Christmas either. I love to decorate for any holiday. Not only is it festive but it seems to bring about a change in the house that I love, making every thing seem different for a while without me having to move furniture. Afterall, everyone needs some change every once in a while... right?
What I want to talk about first are the trees specifically. How do you decorate yours? I'm in love with vintage ornaments and decorations, always scoring quite a few at my thrift stores and yard sales.

I have three trees as of right now- as mentioned in my previous post. I have my regular tree that gets decorated with all my wonderful vintage finds- it goes in front of the big window in the living room for all to see immediately, my semi regular tree that get the majority of my hand me downs and big store purchases- it goes in my bedroom and then there's my small tree that I have for the soul purpose of displaying my kids Christmas crafts. It's not very full right now but Tobi will start school next year and Bubba the year after that. So it will get full fast, and I'll be able to see all the cute things they've done and show them off specifically. Yes, they do need their own tree, there's three of them. I got one from saving up and purchasing it brand new and the other two followed after, dirt cheap at yard sales.

Next, how do you store your ornaments? I use the old cookie and popcorn festive tins to protect mine, they're very fragile and I feel that these tins provide the best protection so far. I've even dropped one of mine on carpet and watched it shatter (I'm still mourning it's loss- RIP shiny brite).

Also, is there anything you like to collect? I have several things. I'm nutty for nutcrackers. I don't have any idea what started that honestly but I'm up to 12 of small to medium sizes. Oh yes, I've seen the big ones at walmart. I'm just biding my time. This year he *will* be mine. I love the nutcracker story too, it's amazing and telling it over some cookies and hot chocolate is a good tradition to remember for the kiddos.

I also kinda dig the Christmas towns. Mine only consists of a few houses right now but I feel like it's something the whole family can set up even if it is considered "old lady swag" (whatever that means) by some of my peers. I also feel that it's a good way to stretch the imagination and use creativity for the set up. ours is never the same twice in a row.

What do you collect?

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