Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Prepared Mommy

All household's and cars should have an emergency first aid kit. I'm particularly fond of mine as it also goes with me if I ever need to grab my bug out bag (see previous post). Your own first aid kit should contain stuff that's targeted for you- especially when it comes to any prescribed meds. In mine I like to have this:

1. triangular bandages
2. rolled gauze
3. non-adhesive gauze patches
4. plastic tape
5. cloth tape
6. butterfly bandages
7. upholstery needle and thread (I have the plastic kind that resembles fishing line)
8. anti diarrhea meds
9. aspirin
10. green soap
11. hydrogen peroxide (I switch this out regularly with a new bottle)
12. sprain/ stretchy bandages
13. sanitary napkins/ pads (absorbent for large wounds)
14. QuikClot
15. thermometer
16. cotton swabs
17. tongue depressor
18. acetaminophen
19. sugar/glucose pills
20. small set of scissors
21. sling
22. moleskin
23. assorted band-aids and colored bandages
24. snake bite kit
25. space blanket
26. hand/ foot warmers
27. pain relieving spray (I use dermoplast)
28. aloe vera
29. anti fungal type creams
30. anti poison ivy spray
31. calamine lotion
32. tweezers
33. neosporin
34. instant cold packs
35. little ammonia sticks (smelling salts)
36. iodine
37. latex (or non) gloves
38. tube of zinc oxide
39. benadryl
40. bug bite/sting kit
41. suture clips
42. EDIT: I forgot to add, suckers, because every kid needs a lollipop after a boo boo
I keep all of this in a tiny tiny duffel, something like a makeup bag. I know it seems like a lot, but it's really not as almost all of these items are small and lightweight. The more pouches/ compartments on this type of bag, the better. You may also want to include a First Aid manual. It's also smart to keep each of these things in separate plastic bags to keep them safe from the elements. Of course, taking your basic first aid classes is always recommended. Learning how to properly bandage wounds and becoming CPR certified is always a plus and you never know when it may come in handy.
Again, any questions or comments, go ahead I'll respond!

EDIT: I just found a link you guys would definitely find useful for first aid kits and what another blogger keeps in hers Common Sense Homesteading go check it out and enjoy!!!

The Prepared Mommy Part 2

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