Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Special Spa Party

I'm not going to say why just yet but I've been thinking of a special party I'm going to throw. Again, I can't say why just yet. It will however be a spa themed party and won't take place until it's warm outside. It's going to be a special party thrown for just four girls, counting myself. I've been searching for a long, long time to find ideas for this party and I've noticed that Google has abandoned me. Well, the Internet community as a whole has anyway. There's really not much on spa themed parties for adults. So, as usual, I've mixed in every thing and thought I would share my ideas.That way it will at least be easier for my readers! Oh, and I'm going all out spa for this one so there will be every thing.

Setting the Scene:

I'm going to automatically make our breeze way into the spa area. It's already white and is basically a screened in porch with access to a small deck that would be perfect for laying out to tan. I'm going to move a few small tables out there to hold food and every thing else we're going to need and I'm going to set out several bouquets of fresh flowers in vases and lots of white candles. I'll probably use the "clean laundry" scent. I'll also have four folding lounge chairs out there with little tables of some kind between them for setting drinks and for more candles. In the center of the table I'm going to have one of those small electric water fountains for the sound. Several baskets will be placed in between the chairs to hold magazines of different types. I'm also considering draping white paper streamers from the light in the center of the room out to drape down the wall in a tent like fashion. Any breeze will blow them around and make a really relaxing swaying effect.

The Tables

Table 1. will hold all of our "essentials" for the spa day. There will be stacks and stacks of white towels, jars with cotton balls, lots and lots of nail polish colors, bowls with the pre made face masks in them- ready to slather on, nail polish remover, loofahs for the body scrubs and foot baths, hair remover, nail files, a bowl of cucumber slices soaking in aloe vera gel, a box of teeth whitening strips, Listerine, hair rollers, shower caps, lotions, fake nails, and hair dye (colors pre-chosen by my girls). At the back of this table I'm going to have three crock pots- one for the hair mask, one for stones (hot stone massages) and the last one with hot hand towels. More on those later.

Table 2. Will hold all of our snacks. I like the idea of cupcakes, which I'll order from GiGi's- they're an amazing place close to home, small tea sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays with varying dips, and -if I can find the fountain or fondue pot to borrow- chocolate fondue with cut up fruits and sponge cake for dipping. Drinks will be tea, lemonade, smoothies and bottled water.

The Attire

I'm going to have a white terry cloth robe and slippers or flip flops for each girl. The robes are 12$ at walmart. I'm also going to request that they have a nice outfit for afterwards but a bathing suit of some kind for the spa part and maybe swimming at the local water park before hand.

The Activities

1. As I hinted earlier we're going to do a hot stone massage. I can't afford for a masseuse to come to the house so I'm going to get some rounded smooth stones (these can be found in your yard, creek/stream bed, or craft store) and place them in a crock pot of water, placed on warm. The stones should be hot but not too hot to handle. If you have problems holding it, it's too hot. Once your stones are at the desired temperature, place them down the center of the persons back and cover with a towel. When they grow cold, repeat the process.

2. Facials. I'm still debating about this. I know I definitely want to do a mask. I just haven't decided what mask to do yet. I've also considered purchasing a chemical peel OTC to use before the masks. I can make my own mask or I can purchase some I saw at Walmart in little individual packets.

3. Hair masks and treatment. These can be made out of sooo much stuff it's crazy. The ones I've heard the most about are the avocado hair masks, mayonnaise hair masks, and just plain conditioner. I will include links to the avocado and mayo masks at the end of the post. Now, I really just can not find the link to the article I read about using hair conditioner. I'll probably end up using that one. You put the conditioner in your hair, massage it in and let it sit for ten minutes. Dry hair will soak it up so keep applying and waiting the ten minutes until you hair just isn't soaking it up any more. At that point put on a shower cap and let it sit for about thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes is up, use a blow dryer on a low setting to heat up your scalp gently while massaging. Then rinse. Just so you know, I'm using the crockpot (or blow dryer) to heat the hair masks because it opens up your pores and really gets into your scalp. Before- and I probably should have mentioned this first- you want to start with clean hair that has been rinsed with Listerine. The Listerine also needs to be rinsed with just plain water and the hair be dry before using the hair mask. Why Listerine? I'm not crazy, I promise, dermatologists really have recommended this. Listerine does not dry out your hair or make it sticky or give it split ends from doing this every once in a while. It's good for your scalp, removes build up from your hair (helping the mask work better), hits dandruff harder than most dandruff shampoos (some even call it a cure when done regularly), stimulates hair growth and kills lice. Yes it does, look it up. I've done it. It made my hair and scalp feel amazing. No it didn't make my hair smell either.

4. Mani/Pedi's. Manicures for sure, because everyone loves manicures. None of us have nails, except for maybe one (I'll have to look) so I'm going to be providing every thing including the fake nails, to have manicures. We can either do these ourselves or do them for each other. By the way, did you know you can get fake toe nails too? Yeah, sure can. I think it's neat because mine are ugly. I'm seriously considering those as well.

5. Hair removal. I'm still not sure if I'm doing this one or not. I am seriously considering it though and having something like veet hair removing cream there for our legs. Not sure yet though. If I do it would have to be done about the time we do the hair masks so that everyone can go rinse both at the same time.

6. Foot soak. At the end of each chair I'm going to have a small plastic tub. I'm not sure what they're exact name is really but they're like the small storage tubs you see on those racks for kids play rooms. They're just big enough for one person's feet and are really cheap. I'll include the recipe for the foot soak solution at the bottom as well. To add my own creative touch I'm going to personalize the tubs with each girl's name so they can use it to hold all their little left over and take home stuff.

7. Now this one is my favorite. I'm going to do hair cuts, dye and style with makeup. I have a friend who will come over to do these pretty cheaply and another friend who works in a salon where I could go really cheaply. I'll most likely end up doing them at home. That's partially why I'm going to have the foam curlers available and my straightener, that way they can get their hair done however they like.

8. Dinner and Shopping. Now, without being too obvious as to who is invited to this party (can't spoil the surprise) two of these girls have never had sushi. So we're going to go out to dinner at a local sushi restaurant and I'm going to get them to try it. I may have to hold one of them down lol. The shopping will be to purchase something very specific and I can't say what without giving away the reason why.

That's it for the party, it's really not as expensive as it sounds. It's going to be awesome though. What do you guys think? Comment and follow.

As promised, more helpful links:

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Beautiful With Brains Foot Soak Recipes (I'm using the Softening Foot Soak for this party). There are three on that page.

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Arctida's Creations DIY avocado hair mask recipe

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How to apply a mayo hair mask at IKnowHair.

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How to do an all out hot stone massage at livestrong.

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DIY hot stone massages and where I got my ideas at, from tipnut.

Supplies list: These are just examples, you may find cheaper elsewhere or homemade recipes that do better.

  1. 3/4 sleeve terry bath robe, $12 at Walmart
  2. acrylic toenails at walgreens for 5.49
  3. lumbar massager for 7.50 at walmart
  4. 96 unscented votives at walmart for 29.97
  5. Kiss brand fake nails at walmart for 5.97
  6. 500 ft of white streamers from oriental trading for 4.50
  7. TRESemme Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque for 4.48 at Walmart
  8. Olay Microabrasion Peel kit for 22.44 at Walmart
  1. Party Vegetable Sandwich Spread
  2. Easy Cucumber Party Sandwiches
  3. Ham and Dill Pickle Spread
  4. Smoke Salmon and Egg Salad
  5. Homemade Facial Peel


  1. Where is the recipe and how to's for the foot soak?

  2. It's under the helpful links area.