Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scary Monster Spray

So, moving day is getting closer and closer. It's starting to make me a little nervous, I feel like I'm not fully prepared for all of this yet. I'm working on it though. One of my main concerns with the kids, besides getting their rooms together, is monsters. My kids sometimes think that there are monsters in the dark. Gamma (my mother) got them glow pillows for Christmas to kind of help with that but I'm still worried they're going to have problems. They don't do this often but when they do it they are usually under stress, like moving into a new place or spending the night in a strange place. Before, when they've spent the night there I convinced them that Brandon's roommate's dog, Tigger, ate monsters. However, that same roommate is moving out and taking Tigger- and therefore our protection against monsters- with him.

Then I remembered an awesome pin I saw on Pinterest. Monster Spray. Here are the pins:

Monster Spray  :)                                                                 Haha..... when my kids were little, I did something similar on my own... it was a spray bottle filled with water and we called it Monster spray away.... I would squirt it a few times at bedtime and the kids went to bed with piece of mind!!  :)  @April Hamilton...maybe this would work for you??? Monster Vanishing Spray Printable

I love this idea, especially if I can convince them that it works. Basically you just spray it around the room and voila! it scares the monsters away. It basically is monster repellent, like bug repellent. I've also seen where someone decorated an air freshener bottle for the same purpose. Empty spray bottles can be purchased really cheaply through your local grocery store, I got mine at Rose's for a dollar. I think they're roughly a dollar at Walmart as well. You could also reuse old spray bottles from cleaners, just wash them out thoroughly. I'm currently using all of mine for cleaners and I really wanted mine to be clear so I went and bought one. To remove the printed labels on plastic bottles just pick up a bottle of pure acetone (located near the nail polish remover) and soak a rag in it, wrap the rag around the bottle and in just a few minutes the label should completely come off. I'll post on this later with pictures of how it worked for me. I'm pretty sure nail polish remover would work as well, it is acetone I just think it's diluted. Not sure on that. So it would take a little more rubbing to get it off but it would work. Make sure to wear gloves when you do this and be in a well ventilated area.

As far as what goes in the bottle, water will work, so will febreeze. In my Monster Spray I put a mixture of febreeze and water. When I get a chance to get some more glitter I'm considering putting a small amount of that in there as well.

My Monster Spray

I haven't tried it out on the kids yet but they know how bug repellent works so I'm pretty sure this will work. Do you like my artwork? I think my monster is more cute than scary but oh well, it's still a monster. We're going to work on "good monsters" too. I saw a book once on good monsters and what they do- that they're our friends. I don't remember the name or title but I'm sure I'll be able to find it. Monsters Inc. will help as well because who could really be afraid of Mike and Sully?

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