Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted lately, things have been super hectic. I still haven't heard back about the promotion from work, as I missed my scheduled meeting to find out whether or not I got the job Friday (huge ugly ice storm). They won't be back in to let me know until Monday. I also can't get my paycheck till Monday. Let me tell you, this sucks. I have a really busy to do list including getting my taxes filed, day care (finally) taken care of completely, big furniture moving, and more garden planning as well. I have lots of meetings and paper work that needs to be filed at the office and lots that needs to be done at the house- as usual. However, I did manage to do every single piece of laundry Brandon and I own as well as getting it all hung on hangers and put where it goes in the closet. I think I'll file my taxes online tonight sometime, as well as the FAFSA.

That's right, the FAFSA. I'm seriously considering going back to school and I'm going to see if I can't get Brandon to go too. I'm going to check and see if I can get school covered through an accredited online program (through a state university of course) and I'm considering Penn State- with a simple associates degree. It all depends on how much the FAFSA will help me out with ha ha. I've also decided to completely get back in shape and quit smoking. I didn't have a Mountain Dew all day yesterday and only one today. Considering that I normally drink six in a 24 hour period I think I'm doing pretty well. I've already lost five pounds just from laying off the snacks. That's really not enough for me though. I feel the need to get thinner and I think I'd feel so much better and so well rested more than I do. As for the smoking... I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish that.

I've also been talking to a debt consultant to help me with my credit score. It's 378 right now by the way. For those of you that don't know what that means, I'll explain. If I were to be on fire the bank would not loan me the water to put me out. It's that bad. Once I was told, while speaking with a loan officer, that if I were to apply for a five dollar loan with my mother's house as collateral that I would still be denied. That's bad. That's really bad. So now you guys see why I use the word poor a lot. Because I am. I'm working on it with these people though. Normally I wouldn't go for a place like this because I consider most things like this too good to be true and a hoax. However, a good friend (and coworker) of mine has used them and he just raves about how awesome they were for him. Another coworker used them and almost doubled her score which was as bad as mine. You can't ever beat reviews from people you know! I'll definitely keep you guys updated on that. I'm also going to work on paying off other debts and such. Oh and the weight loss, I'll definitely keep you updated on that as well... 2013 is going to be a good year. Because I said so.

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