Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update on Our Lives

I have finally got someone who's going to look at the van Monday. Hopefully the issue is just going to be something small, like a sensor. That won't cost too much. Other than that the fix is probably going to be pretty costly. Now, I'm not going to pour money into it, it's just too old and the mileage is too high, I'll either junk it out or sell it for parts and find one I can afford.

We're looking into having the kids grandmother watch them for us until we can find another affordable option- it's just really irritating how long this aspect is taking. People want a ridiculous amounts of money. One daycare quoted me 389$ a week. I don't even make that much! A teenager, who had never babysat before in her life (a reply to an ad I had posted) was wanting close to that. So far I can't find a daycare in the entire city that's reputable and open the hours I need it to be. Again, however, we're working on it- it's just going to take some time.

I'm about to hit 700 views on my blog, I'll probably hit it while typing this. That makes me smile :D

Yesterday I really got some great news. A while back I put in an application for a supervisory position at work. Due to the holiday's no one who put in for it has really heard anything back. The holiday season here is insane. Anyways, my boss pulled me to the side and let me know that I was going to be getting an interview for the position Tuesday. This interview is the first of several, to weed out some applicants since a lot applied. I may not make the first cut, but at least I made it to the first cut.

Tobi seems to be doing some pretty stubborn stuff. She is fighting me pretty hard on learning anything, pretending not to retain any of the information and then I'll catch her repeating the same info to other people. I have a lot of free apps on my phone and the broken phone (the screen is cracked) that are geared specifically towards learning colors, shapes and numbers. There are a few that are based on sight words. She breezes through them like she's a little baby genius but when mommy tries to teach her, she refuses. It's kind of funny really.

Bubba had developed a stutter not long ago, but I haven't mentioned it to him and he's growing out of it fast. He's making full long sentences and speaking very clearly. Bubba really isn't interested in the same kinds of learning as Tobers. He'd much rather be learning how something works. I don't push either of them, and let them learn different things at their own pace throwing things in here and there. They both catch on quickly. Here's a tip though, do not teach your toddler the different street lights. The minute a light I'm moving towards Bubba and Tobi are in the back screaming STOP!!!!!

Funny story, the other morning Brandon just absolutely refused to get out of bed. I was getting kind of irritated because I needed him to watch the kids for a while. He told me he would get up when his alarm went off so I checked the time. It was set for 10:15 the next day. So I set it to a few minutes past our current time and put it back. When it went off I acted surprised. He still wouldn't get up though so I started poking him with a cardboard tube left over from wrapping paper. All that did was making him shift around and growl a bit. Soooo I went to plan C. Do you know what Plan C is? Plan Children. I released the hounds pretty much. :) I told all three of them that we were going to play a fun game. It's called jump on Brandon and wake him up. It worked. Hahaha

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