Friday, January 4, 2013

Bubba's Room


Lego Table diy from old side tableEvery thing has been so hectic getting moved. We're trying to figure out our new schedules, room placement and where we're going to get all the furniture we'll need. To be honest I've got that last part figured out already. Thrift stores! Yes, you should have seen that coming. I thrift store almost every thing! Even though we haven't gotten moved yet I can't help but to think about how I'm going to decorate the kids rooms now. The creative side of me does not allow me to not think about it. I have to. It's like a mental deficiency. If I don't plan these things out they'll keep me up at night. Even then they might still keep me up at night! So, I've been planning out the rooms.

Unfortunately, I have a very tight budget. A very tight budget. That's what makes me me though! I adapt to my situation and being "thrifty" is how I adapt. Re purposing and creativity also helps a lot. Right now I've got friends saving me their diaper boxes because I know I'll use them in decorating somehow. Brandon is really good at woodworking so that solves that issue!

Pinned ImageBubba's room is going to be a little harder for me. He's interested in so much stuff. Bubba likes bugs and super heroes (Iron Man, Batman the Hulk and Spiderman mainly), cars (and the movie), sports and just about everything that's boy related. Right now I can't afford to buy the nice character stuff so that knocks that out. I think we're going to have to stick with a general mish mash of generic boy type stuff. Bubba is very eclectic so I think that's how I'm going to make his room.

I've only found a couple of ideas so far, which I'll supplement with thrift store finds.I really like this baseball picture. It's psalm 96:12 and says "Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it". I love that!

Peter Pan Shadow Cut-out for the top of a lampshade for shadow casting effectI also really like this Peter Pan silhouette that I found through Google images. You can attach this to the top of a lampshade and when the lamp is turned on it will look like Peter Pan's shadow is on the ceiling- just like the movie!

definition of boy
this is definitely going on his wall!

I also want to print out a couple of cute sayings in a cute font probably KristenITC and frame them for his wall. I like this one "Boys will be boys or so they say, but I'm raising my boy to be a man one day. Shouting is not nice, and kicking hurts. No one likes their face in the dirt. So boys that fight, and kick and shout will be boys that sit in TIME OUT!" I feel that if you knew my son you'd see how perfect that is. I also like this one; "Brothers Are Forever. I'll look after you and I'll always take your side...Even though we grow up and travel far and wide...But I'll let no one hurt you or tease you today...'cause I'm your brother and beside you I'll stay."

cute!As for the furniture I really want to stay eclectic. I like the way this night stand is painted for him, I could do this easily with a thrift store find, and some paint. He would love this! I'm thinking I might already have a night stand that's perfect for this type of project. I'd also like to go to Lowe's and buy some decorative knobs in a sports theme to go on it. Maybe a football and a soccer ball. I'm probably going to do the Lego table at the top around the same time, and keep it on the other side of the room with his toys.
For those boys who are obsessed with cars!This lamp will be going on the baseball night stand. Well, not this lamp exactly, but one just like it. He's gonna love this! This  firetruck lamp will be on something for sure because that is just too cute and can be done super easily with a lamp kit from a hobby or craft store!                                                                   Firetruck lamp

Paper Airplane Canvas CollageI'm definitely going to be putting this on his wall, most likely under the cute little framed sayings. It will look very eclectic when I'm done but I'm hoping I can tie it all in together. Packages of three of four canvases can be purchased really cheaply at walmart. The little tubes of paint that I like to use are less than a dollar as well. On another wall I'm just going to be eclectic completely. In the center I'm going to put up yarn wrapped letters that say BUBBA. One will be brown and made to look like a football, another one will be green with those little plastic frogs and leaves glued to it, there will also be one made to look like a race track, a monster and a snake. Around the BUBBA will be all the random things. What I really, really want to do is find a way to get a plaster mount to hang. Preferably a rhino. Why? Because I saw one once and couldn't stop thinking just how "bubba" it was. I still have no idea how I'm going to go about making that, but I'll figure it out. I always do! I've also got my eye on a football shaped rug at Walmart, but it's 40$. I'm hoping I'll be able to find something else before I have to spend 40 bucks on a little rug. It is awfully cute though! However, I am totally willing to spend 28$ on this basketball bean bag chair. I sure am. Walmart also sells a material that's got holes in it, think like the

96" Round Vinyl Bean Bag, Basketballsame material professional football jersey's are made of. I'm going to make curtains out of that. Yeah, I've put a lot of time into this, but not as much as it seems. Not at all, this is what I'm good at! Just wait till you see his bed! If I can't find a car bed or something similar for cheap (craigslist!) then I'm going to make something out of cardboard. That's a big secret though and will be another post. All I have to do after that is accent with some fun throw pillows and blankets and voila!

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