Friday, January 4, 2013

Tobi and Livvy Share a Room

I smile because you're my sister... I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!


For the girl's room I was obviously, again, on a tight budget. Livvy and Tobi like a lot of different things- like Bubba, but they tend to focus on the basic princess flower type of genre instead of being all over the place like their male counterpart. Again, I'm going to have to be generic. Character stuff is just way too expensive these days just because it's from a kid's movie or show. The girls, being that generally focused, were a lot easier to come up with ideas for. I've decided to go with an outside kind of theme. Sort of a field full of flowers type of idea.

As far as their ceiling goes I'm still undecided. I like the idea of draping fabrics a lot like what's in the picture below. I feel like it would add a lot of much needed color. However, I'm really really in love with the idea of doing just your regular sky. The cloud mobile type hangings would be perfect for the field of flowers theme. The ceilings are kind of low in this house because it's older so the draping of the fabric may also make the room appear very small to us adults. Another reason I seriously want the clouds is that I can completely cover their ceiling with glow in the dark stars. Walmart also sells a remote control moon. A moon you guys, and it's only around 20$. It's basically a night light, but guess what else it does? Go on, guess! Not only does this moon double as a night light and operate easily by remote but it goes through all the moon cycles too! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! Yeah, gotta have one of those for each of the kids rooms.

awesome ceiling:))                                                                  Paper Cloud Mobile

As for the wall decorations I would really like to do butterflies "flocking" and paper flowers. Both very cheap and inexpensive. I really like the idea of slowly collecting butterflies to put on a random wall kind of like Bubba's eclectic wall. I see butterflies of all kinds at thrift stores and dollar store around Spring. There are the old plastic ones that used to be in style and brass ones and of course the cheap metal ones meant for gardens. I really do love the butterfly stakes you see that are made out of a stocking type material. I want all different styles and sizes of butterflies for that wall. The flowers I'll make myself.
giant paper flowers for the classroom!                                                                  wall butterlies

I'm also going to put up cute canvases in their room, like Bubba's. Just more girl oriented.
Glowing, DIY art. Better than a nightlight!! I love it!!  (~TA firefly inspiration!)                                                                So cute!

Over the girl's beds I'm going to put mosquito net type hangings made out of tulle and hula hoops. Both my girls share the same initials so over the center of their night stand I'm going to put up yarn wrapped pink, purple, and yellow letters. I'd like to pin strings of little paper or felt butterflies to the mosquito nets too.

DIY hoola hoop fort. Could be a reading tent, or a secret hideaway, or a sleeping nook                                                            simple DIY felt butterfly mobile

So what do you guys think? Do you think my girls will absolutely love it? Won't it be cute?

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