Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

Like my mother, I decorate for everything. I don't know why I do it, I just do. This includes Valentine's Day. I normally don't get into Valentine's Day but this year I'm going to make some decorations for it, might as well. I don't have any any more- therefore, I need some. This is the way I feel about holiday decorations.

Yarn Wrapped Letters:

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I love yarn wrapped letters, and these letters from My Sister's Suitcase are really cute and perfect for Valentine's Day! However, I'm all about saving money and I would change this slightly by using cardboard letters. To get the thickness with cardboard all you need to do is cut out the same shape repeatedly, stack them together, and glue. No one is going to be able to tell, the cardboard will be covered in yarn. If you really want to be sure the cardboard is completely covered, paint it in a corresponding color. At My Sister's Suitcase she also used cardboard, but she used 3D cardboard letters. I don't know that our craft store here sells these, but I'd much rather make mine, I'm too much of a penny pincher. There's also another trick she used that I'd definitely have to agree with. On the ends of the letters that you're unable to wrap you're probably going to have to glue the yarn down. In any case you might want to do that every couple of inches on the flat sides as well to ensure stability in your project. The link will take you straight to her project if you need more of a visual. 

Aren't these cute little heart ornaments from The Creative Place adorable?! I am absolutely in love with these. The link will again take you to a full tutorial. I love these as door hangers and will probably hang them on every door in my house. I'm also seriously considering putting a few drops of essential oil inside, probably lavender.

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These decorative bottles are actually left over sparkling cider bottles from G*Rated. All they did was take a hot glue gun and "write" the words on the bottles, then paint them. The tops are wrapped with twine. These are fun, easy, and cheap which everyone knows I love. I'll definitely be adding these to my Valentine's Deco box.

i (heart) u blocks

I love these I love you blocks from I Candy Handmade, they're easily handmade and go well with other V-Day decorations. The sign behind them says "I love us". I'm definitely going to do these as well. They're also pretty durable and will last a long time, making them perfect for my V-Day Deco box. Wood blocks are pretty easily found/ made and I've definitely got the skills and paint to make them!

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These felt arrows from Carolyn's Homework can be made with cheap felt and twigs even with very little crafting skill. If you're going to use hot glue with felt, be careful. Depending on the thickness of the felt it may or may not do one of two things (or sometimes both). It will seep through the felt and burn your fingers and/or leave a flat kind of ugly spot on the outside so be careful with these!

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This envelope from The Crafting Chicks, was love at first sight for me. I love it so much. However, I don't currently have stairs to hang it on and I am bent on the little heart door hangers above. So, my solution for what to do with this envelope, once made, is to hang it in the middle of my Valentine's Door Wreath featured below. With just a little tweaking on the colors it will be perfect and so cute. I love this. Again, click the link for a full tutorial. I love these guys. Did I mention how cheap felt is and how easy it is to work with? I think it's going to add the perfect "kick" to my wreath.

Wow, I love argyle and this wreath from Mine for the Making is definitely for me. I'm going to have to make this, without a doubt. I still like a little more fullness to my wreaths, if that makes any sense and that's why I'm going to add the felt envelope from above. Again, when using yarn to wrap something, stop and add a little glue every couple inches, or rows, to add stability. I don't know how the boys in the house are going to feel about all these hearts! :)

Tissue Paper Candle Holders:  
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I'm not sure who to give credit to for the tissue paper candle holders, but it's basically just tissue paper and mod podge (the link will take you to the recipe) over a glass jar with a votive inside. I suggest using battery operated tea lights to minimize fire hazard :)        

            Countdown To Kisses Board:
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I really do like this board from Infarrantly Creative, the numbers are actually Hershey's kisses. However, this board is actually a bit harder to make than the previous projects, by far. We currently don't have an electric drill so I'm going to have to find another way to do this, I'm just not sure how yet. I'm sure I'll be able to do it though, no problem. I'll definitely let you guys know when I'm done and the entire project is completed- I'll include a step by step guide as well for everyone.

I've also seen some adorable garland's and I like them all but I haven't seen one yet that I felt was really my style so I'm going to put a hold on that one and wait to see what I can come up with on my own. I'll most likely be using paint chips and pom pom's but I'll let you guys know what I decide on!

UPDATE: All I've managed to complete so far on this is the painted bottles, will be posting pictures soon!

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