Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Post For Today... GO REDWINGS

I guess I should have mentioned before that I'm very likely to post more than once in a day! It hadn't occurred to me, until now, that I already have several of my crafts on my phone. So, I thought I'd post one. Brandon's birthday was the 3rd, and because of Christmas I was too low on funds to get him anything more than a hug and a card. Of course he claimed that it was ok, he didn't want anything. I still felt bad though and decided to make him this blanket with yarn I had at the house. I'm not an excellent crochet master or anything like that but I'm ok. I worked long and hard on this throw. It's basically all his favorite teams. The Miami dolphins for the NFL the LA Lakers for the NBA, for college basketball University of Kentucky and despite my better judgement as a true Detroit Redwings fan, the Chicago Blackhawks for the NHL. Yes, the Stanley Cup playoffs get crazy :). Walmart sells yarn and crochet hooks reasonably cheap and YouTube has some very informative videos if you'd like to learn how. He loved it, by the way, even if it was a little crooked.

The Miami Dolphins. I stitched the basic square in teal and bright orange and then just kind of figured the circle and dolphin out. I know, he's missing his helmet and he's too small. Let's not get picky here. I layered these, basically just tying them down to one another.
Here you can see the yarn coming out where I left extra to tie it down. Yes I smoke.

These are so not in order.... The above is basically the finished product, though I did add a fringe and added a little more on the L.A. Lakers to make the orange circle behind the L look more like a basketball. I didn't have any finished pictures, sorry.

Ugh... the Blackhawks.

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