Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Pinterest Pins That Don't Work

I thought it would be nice to take the time to let you guys know of a couple "pins" that don't work. Don't waste your time like I, or my friends did. None of these will be food, recipes are meant to be tweaked guys, figure it out. Don't say it didn't work if all you did was tweak it either. Nothing annoys me more than getting on my favorite recipe site ( and seeing a bunch of bad reviews when they didn't even try the original recipe but one of their own.

1. Tea bags/ tea to mop your wood floors: does nothing. Just mops them. That's it, there's no rejuvenation, no brand new look... nothing. Just the same old clean.

2. Cleaning cookie sheets with baking soda and peroxide. Nope. Nothing. Even with a ton of elbow grease, still dirty. CleanER but not clean- definitely not like the pic, no matter how much elbow grease was invested. I do however recommend a green scrub pad like the ones used in restaurants and some Dawn Power Dissolver, let sit over night. You may want to first start out with a metal/ mesh scrubber. Not good for nonstick pans, by the way.

3. Using chalk to remove grease stains. I haven't tried this but I've heard several reviews that it didn't work. You know what does work? Dawn dish washing liquid for a pre-treat. Seriously.

4. Glowing Mountain Dew. I've read so many reviews that this didn't work that I never bothered to try. In fact...I've never heard a review that it did work- I cherish my Dew too much to waste on this.

5. Pore Remover Strips. I've never found any to make that work quite like the kind you buy. Ever.

6. Floating Pictures Attached to Balloons: this works and yet it doesn't. You have to print the pics out on regular paper as photo paper is too heavy.

There ya go, I'm sure there will be another post later. Also, for funny Pinterest mess ups check out this blog Pinstrosity It's hilarious and a great read!

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