Saturday, December 29, 2012


With the van broken down I have been staying with Brandon and I've only been getting to see the kids on my days off. I'm not liking that, at all. So we have been working on getting the van fixed which is a lengthy process with no money and I've been using his car. The house is a large one and one of his room mates is moving out. So, the kids and I are going to move in. The girls will share a room of course. The utility/laundry room appears to have once been a small to medium sized bedroom. We're going to move the washer and dryer to their original spot in the kitchen pantry (assuming the fixtures still work properly- ***fingers crossed***) and transforming that room into a bedroom for Bubba. Getting day care worked out for our hours has been crazy. There doesn't seem to be one single daycare that's open the hours I need it to be. I'm working on a temporary solution for now. It's just been so hectic. I've also been working on "rehabbing" the house.

There was nasty looking hard water stains and lime scale in the toilet of the main bathroom. I already took care of that. I hit it with all the name brand highly recommended products that you see on television and I scrubbed and scrubbed. It just wouldn't come off. One of Brandon's room mate's girlfriend came over and she scrubbed. Still nothing. Then I saw the one product I hadn't tried yet. Here it is:

I normally don't care what product I use, as a lot get the job done. I don't have brand loyalty with most things, but with this I do. I swear to you all I did was pour this stuff in like normal toilet bowl cleaner and walk away. Five minutes later...that's right five minutes... and all I had to do was a quick swish or two of the regular toilet brush and bam. It was clean. Sparkly. All the stains were gone. It was amazing. You know how they show you things in commercials where the user of nameless product manages to clean a hoarders type house with no effort in the span of the 2 minute commercial and it's suddenly a mansion? This stuff is like that. It's amazing. I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. Tonight I'm going to go knock out some soap scum with it. I'll let you know how that works. One of the reviewers on said he even used it to unclog a drain! It does smell funny though... like mentos. Or wintergreen skoal. Or the love child of those two.... it dissipates quickly though.

We've also begun the process of building a small "home gym" area that is going to be amazing. I see us getting fit fast as we all tend to pick at each other and end up creating a lot of motivation with an "I'll show you" attitude. Tonight I'm going to pick up a fabric measuring tape to do measurements before we start. My Brandon and I even have a bet going on already to see who will meet the goal first. It should be interesting. I'll be posting my measurements here to let you guys know of our progresses. If the gym room continues as it is, I'd like for half of it to be a sort of play room for the kids so that they can play while we work out. Woody (Brandon's roomie that's staying) is voting for mirrors on the wall... a little self motivation, if you will. That and all the men in that house think they're God's gift to women ha ha. I am seriously considering purchasing a few of the dollar store full length mirrors to place along one wall. Cheap and effective :) I still haven't figured out what's going on with the stupid treadmill and why it won't run, but I'm still looking into it. 

I've made absolutely no progress on the clogged sink. I've tried every product known to man and at this point I think it's something to do with the vent in the roof. So, as much as I really don't want to, I think I'm going to have to get up there with the auger and clean it out. I'll be attaching some sort of mesh to it while I'm up there as well so this stops happening. I'd have Brandon do it but he's not exactly stable (an old injury) or safe. He'd end up seriously hurt, or worse. I on the other hand, have the balance of a cat and have spent quite a bit of time on a roof anyway. I also know what I'm looking for ha ha. I get irritated with people who think the man should do every thing like that. My father sure didn't believe that, he made me do just as much as he would have made a man. Geez, if it were the case that women had to depend on men to do any serious or semi serious fix, women would become extinct if our Bug Out Bags were ever needed!

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