Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the Season- For Girl Scouts???

OK, so almost everyone is making sweets for Christmas. Cookies, candies, cakes and brownies are all great recipes to make and give away as gifts. I've made a lot of food gifts- they're cheap easy and go a long, long way with a small budget! Last year I went with samoas, the delicious Girl Scout cookie!! Now, here's the link to the recipe I use. Girl Scout Samoas Recipe I always always always prefer to use instructables or allrecipes. This particular recipe came from Instructables- I couldn't find one on allrecipes. Here's what they should look like:


Mmmmm...yummy. But, let's be realistic. Homemade harldy ever looks like the picture. Here's a pic (the only one I could find) of what mine actually looked like:

Still yummy, by the way. They were amazing. Now, please realize that these cookies- though mind blowing- are very very time consuming. If you can't find the shortbread with the holes in the middle, go ahead and get the ones without the holes- it's just a look guys, let's not panic. Also- something I didn't realize unitl the incident that will be known as "The Samoa Incident", chocolate flavored bark (the easily melted kind you find at the grocery store) does *NOT* like to be reheated so move quickly or buy lots of it so you can be sure not to have to ever even try to reheat the first batch. FYI it's ugly and nasty, if you mess this up you will know- quickly. Also (again) be sure to toast that coconut! It really makes an amazing flavor difference! I always toast any nut that appears in a recipe of mine. I just feel that the toasting (whether called for or not) adds a special something. So, get in your kitchen and try these out- it's a great time and rewarding when you taste them and realize you made something so delicious!!


                  These cookies are delicious. None of mine actually ended up being gifted. They were eaten.

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