Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Eve Part 4: Alchohol

Now, I really don't believe every party should have alcohol. I'm also a form supporter of the idea that you don't have to be intoxicated to have a good time. However, I do enjoy a little drink every now and then. That's very, very rarely mind you- it's hard for me to be kid free and I don't ever drink around my kids. Not even in the slightest. It seems that a lot of people do drink in some form at New Year's Eve celebrations. I thought I would go over some of the recipes here for your tamer drinks, nothing too hard or anything with too high of an alcohol content.

The Jello Mold:

This I got from the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.  They basically layer alcohol infused jello in a bundt pan, one layer at a time and chill in the fridge. Now, I've done jello layers before and let me make sure you take note of this. Take your time with these! Let each layer solidify before adding the next one or it just won't be as pretty as this one!
Here's the basic recipe for Jello shots:
  • 3 oz Jell-O or other gelatin (any flavor)
  • 6 oz water
  • 6 oz vodka (or other distilled spirit)
  1. Pour gelatin into a bowl.
  2. Add boiling water, stirring until the gelatin is dissolved.
  3. Stir in liquor. Make sure it's not too hot when you do this.
  4. Refrigerate until cool.
  5. Pour into shot glasses, molds, or a baking pan for a sheet of Jell-O to cut up once set. Tip: The small, plastic shot cups are perfect because the drinker can just squeeze the shot out.
  6. Refrigerate until the liquid sets. (At least 2 hours, but overnight refrigeration is recommended)
  7. Serve cold.
*****Now, the above recipe is a tad strong on the alcohol content, you can adjust it with more or less****

Drunken Gummy Bears:

Did you know that gummy bears will soak up alcohol? No? Well now you do. So do gummy worms but I somehow find these less appealing. They also swell in size, as portrayed in the above picture. Drunken gummy bears are also a lot easier to make than jello shots. For this project, you'll need a glass bowl, with a lid if you have one. Fill the bowl halfway with gummy bears and then pour vodka over the top of the gummy bears, just barely covering them. You don't want to use too much vodka or they will disintegrate. Due to their size, gummy bears can only hold so much alcohol. Let them sit in the fridge over night. When you pull them out the next day you'll be able to see how much they soaked up. Drain the left overs and drink or do whatever you'd like with it.


Champagne tends to be a classic at New Years parties, as does wine. Both can be picked up at any store that sells liquor and spirits. Just stop by and ask the attendant for any suggestions on what to buy. Don't be afraid to ask, it's their job- they will know what to do.


Beer is pretty common at parties these days and it comes in all shapes and forms. You can get all kinds of different beers with different flavors. Beer tends not to be that strong of an alcohol as long as you don't consume too many. Beer is also a really cheap alternative when compared to hard liquor and almost everyone that drinks will have a beer. Some people won't drink beer but odds are the same store you purchase the beer at will also have some form of wine cooler or other alcohol like the flavored Smirnoff's and the Jack Daniel's hometown punch.

As always, drink in moderation. Do not drink and drive. Do not serve alcohol to minors and please don't serve the jello shots or drunken gummy bears around children- it's an accident waiting to happen and way too appealing to our younger generations.

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