Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Member of the Family!

Guess who got a new puppy for Christmas? That's right! We did, she was free. She's part coonhound part boxer and part beagle I do believe. She's very sweet and her name is Snickers or Snickerdoodle. We chose that name because she reminded Brandon's friend of a snickerdoodle cookie. She's the sweetest puppy, just barely weened from her mother. It's also been quite a long time so it really took a little trial and error to figure out what she would eat.
We're estimating that Snickers will grow to be a middle sized dog, around 45 to 50 pounds. Brandon has convinced himself that one day she'll be a great hunting dog. I'm convinced she just likes to cuddle and with my birthday coming up she's been a great stress relief. Check her out guys! In this picture she and Bubba have passed out from a long day of play. Let me know what you think about our new addition!

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