Sunday, February 3, 2013

Acetone Remover

Not long ago I mentioned using acetone to remove painted on labels from plastic containers. I believe the original idea was that you had to use pure acetone to do so. You can find pure acetone at any beauty supply store. I used part of what was left over from my liquor bottle drinking glasses- just regular nail polish remover- found just about anywhere. I didn't have to let it "soak" either. All I did was simply dampen a clean rag with the acetone and then wipe off the label. It came off pretty easily. There were a few very small places that were a little more stubborn but in no way hard to get off. The whole process was pretty simple actually. You have no way of knowing what it was a container for originally. Now, you can save those containers for other things like:
  • storage for snacks in a diaper bag
  • in a lunch box to separate food stuffs
  • gift containers
  • "measuring" cups
  • storage for left overs
  • to hold ingredients while cooking
  • toys for the kids (playing in dirt or a sand box, catching bugs)
  • planters for seedlings
  • lots and lots of crafts
and I'm sure, with a little bit of creativity you can come up with a lot more!

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